How Private Investigators Catch Cheaters

How Private Investigators Catch Cheaters

The age-old image of a private investigator huddled in the back of a car with a long lens trained on a window spring to mind when we think of tracking a cheating partner.

It does happen. Surveillance is still a tool of the trade, as some people simply need to see the act of infidelity to truly believe it. But the game has moved on and the best private investigators in Sydney now focus on the psychological aspect, as much as tracking the cheating partner.

That’s why they generally start by talking through the reasons why you’re suspicious in the first place.

Listen To Your Gut, It’s Normally Right

The sad fact is that your gut feeling something is up often comes from the same telltale signs that a private investigator has seen and heard thousands of times before.

It can be small giveaway signs like becoming protective of their phone, changing their password if you have it and taking certain calls in another room.

Cheaters can even sleep with their phone under their pillow. Seriously, that happens more often than you can imagine.

A cheating partner can also suddenly spend more time on their physical appearance. They can revamp their wardrobe, get their teeth whitened, change the hairstyle they have worn stoically for years and go on a diet.

Is Your Partner Distant And Withdrawn?

Inevitably, if your partner is seeing someone else, they become cold, distant and withdrawn. None of these points is definitive proof on their own, by any stretch of the imagination. But they are real signs that your partner could be playing away from home and they stitch together to form a vivid picture.

Credit card statements and cash withdrawals from unusual places can also give you a dazzling insight into your partner’s life. Cheaters generally try to use cash to hide unusual restaurant and hotel bills, but heavy withdrawals leave their own trace. If they happen just before they go away on business, or when they’re meant to be at work, then there’s a fair chance they’re planning ahead and hiding something.

It Isn’t Always Cheating

In some cases, it isn’t what you think. Some people find out their partner is hiding a drug addiction, which can be just as damaging as an affair and comes with a lot of the same signs of tension, shame and distance. So, be prepared for what your chosen private detective might find.

A good private investigator in Sydney will also take the time to find out when they’re likely to catch your partner in the act. If they suddenly claim to be working late, they’re spending too much time in the gym or they’re spending more time with ‘friends’, then that’s the time they will focus on.

Then it’s down to good old-fashioned surveillance. Of course, the grainy black-and-white photos from old spy movies are a thing of the past. Now you get to see 4K video of your partner straying, which is a blessing and a curse.

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